About Orbo:

ORBO is an award winning singer-songwriter and rock artist. He was born in May, 1982 and started playing guitar when he was 6 years old. Influenced by Dylan, Zevon, Lennon, Browne, Springsteen and Petty, Orbo represents a modern style of pop/rock and singer-songwriter original music. Orbo grew up near the composer Edvard Grieg’s house and music was always in his family and surroundings. His music has been described as genuine, handmade rock’n’roll. Orbo has also won awards with his band Orbo & The Longshots.


«Fine» is the first single out from the upcoming album «Smoke & Mirrors» due later this fall. The title reflects the ending credits on old silent movies – finito – fine – and it’s one of the most chilling songs of a mind’s reflection of death you’ll hear this year.

The award winning and critically acclaimed artist is known for excellent songwriting skills, and this single is living proof.

The lyrics sends shivers down your spine, the same kind of shivers as the TV-show «True Detective» when the drama and anxiety got into your bones. No one has ever written about death the way ORBO does in this brand new song.

– I’ve always been a great fan of T-Bone Burnett and Buddy Miller and the song – although modern in sound – is inspired by the americana and rock genre. The lyrics are universal, Orbo aka Ole Reinert Berg-Olsen says.

The single is recorded in Oslo, Norway and Nashville, Tn.

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